Sailing holidays in Greece and Turkey with ScicSailing

Our Sailing Holidays in Greece and Sailing Holidays in Turkey offer you the very best of both worlds. Experience the freedom and adventure of Mediterranean sailing with the comfort of a private cabin yacht cruise. With our all-inclusive holidays afloat, you can sail the Aegean in style aboard our fleet of chic, skippered & crewed yachts.

Sailing the Mediterranean

The Aegean Sea is undoubtedly amongst the most spectacular areas of the Mediterranean. Our Sailing Holidays in Greece and Sailing Holidays in Turkey offer you the joy and adventure of a Mediterranean sailing holiday, even if you don’t have the experience or qualifications to sail. Our professional crews aboard each ScicSailing yacht will take care of every detail, leaving you free to relax and savour each moment of your sailing cruise holiday.

Sailing in Greece

With our flexible sailboat holidays, you can choose our Sailing Holidays in Greece vacations which island-hop amongst the picturesque Greek Dodecanese. You can discover the exceptional natural beauty of this part of the Mediterranean, its lively tabernas bar restaurants, and charming historic villages.

Sailing in Turkey

Alternatively, our Sailing in Holidays in Turkey offer a choice of flexible itineraries along the unspoilt Turquoise Coast. Discover the charming fishing villages, lively ports, historic archaeological sites, and secluded crystalline coves along the stunning Turkish Mediterranean coast.

Sailing the Mediterranean

Sailing in Comfort

Our fleet of sailboats include chic gulet sailing yachts. These two-masted schooners have comfortable private cabins with en-suite shower rooms, (and A/C available). There’s plenty of space on board; enjoy a cocktail at the wheelhouse bar; sunbath on deck; or kick-back with a good book, amongst the cushions on the aft deck.

With more than 20 years of experience offering sailing holidays along the Turquoise Coast, and Greek Islands, our crews are not only superb sailors but experienced hosts, making sure you are looked after throughout each day.

Our immaculately maintained yachts offer the most elegant and authentic way to enjoy a sailing holiday in Greece and Turkey. Feel the excitement and adrenalin as the crew hoist the sails and catch the warm Mediterranean breezes. With the engine off, and sails billowing, you can hear the inky blue waters caress the yacht’s hull as you cut through the sea with grace. These are the memorable pleasures of a sailing vacation in Greece and Turkey.

Fully Crewed Yachts

Our friendly captains and crew are English speaking; experts both in sailing, as well as personalised hospitality. Service is discreet yet attentive – you can sit back, relax and be pampered; or follow the crew as they sail the Mediterranean.

Flexible Itineraries

From the moment you board you will not only be embraced by the calming peace of being on the water, but also invigorated by the freedom of sailing in Greece and Turkey.

Our range of sailing itineraries, with a choice of departure and arrival ports, offer guests the flexibility to shape the direction of each day with the captain, making the most of the prevailing weather, as well as the interests of those on board.

Activities & Excursions

The warming sunshine, remarkable natural scenery, and gloriously clear waters make our sailing holidays in Greece and Turkey ideally suited to a wealth of activities.

On board water toys include kayaks and snorkelling gear; and throughout each day we drop anchor, so guests can explore hidden coves only accessible by yacht, or swim and play in the pristine waters. You can also book excursions, like a 4×4 Jeep safari in the countryside; or a guided visit to some the ancient and fascinating Greco-Roman, Byzantine or Ottoman sites.

ScicSailing also offers special, ‘themed’ sailing cruises focusing of specific activities. Maybe you’d love to improve your artistic skills with an on-board painting tutor; hike the pine-clad hillsides of the coves and islands; explore with a guide the unique Greek and Turkish historical, archaeological sites; or focus on your well-being with a yoga and fitness sailing holiday. There are plenty of choices in addition to our regular scheduled sailing departures.

On-board Dining & Mediterranean Cuisine

Each sailing yacht has a chef on-board creating delicious and healthy Mediterranean meals, prepared to your tastes and dietary requirements. Start the day with a beautiful prepared breakfast, which is table served on deck. Lunches are sociable and fun, and since our holidays are all-inclusive, guests may enjoy refreshments, mineral water, chilled wine, beer and more with each meal, at no extra cost. Dinner is always a special way to end each day. Maybe it’s a BBQ on a secluded cove; an elegant meal on deck; or an evening of local culture and cuisine in a fishing village or local harbour.

Solo Travellers, Couples, Friends & Families

Our Sailing Holidays in Greece and Sailing Holidays in Turkey are ideal for solo travellers, groups of friends, couples and families. Simply book your private cabin on-board and enjoy Sailing in Greece or Sailing in Turkey. When booking we reflect guest choices, so you can meet like-minded people and build new lasting friendships.

Private Crewed Yacht Charter

For the ultimate in freedom and flexibility, we also offer friends and families the opportunity for a private yacht charter, including luxury vessels. Each sailing yacht is fully crewed and includes catering. Every detail can be tailored to your needs, from the private airport transfers; the menus on board; and the activities and excursions included.

Set Sail for an Unforgettable Holiday

With ScicSailing you’ll be enjoying a truly memorable sailing cruise. Friendly, professional crew, exhilarating sailing, relaxing cruising, great food & drink, and fun, entertaining activities all add up to the best sailing holidays in Greece and Turkey.

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